• Image of Night Breeze Necklace

"There was one summer night, back when I lived alone in my apartment in Savannah, where I stepped out onto my porch to think the day over a plastic cup of wine. I sat down and stretched my legs across the wooden planks, but as I turned my head to the right, I saw a dark cat lying in a heap at the other end of the porch. Her body was relaxed on its side and her head cocked facing upwards. There was just enough light from the moss-covered street lamp for me to see her half-open eyes fixed in a stare. The slight breeze passing by ruffled her fur in a rhythm that made it seem like she might be slowly breathing. We both quietly laid there for a good long time gazing at all the stars."

This necklace was cast in a limited edition of only 50. First come, first serve.

The image underneath the resin has a light wash of glittery paint and is on a 24” chain. The pendant itself measures about 1.5” tall. It should be kept from getting wet.

With each piece being hand-crafted by me, individual pendants may have slight alterations, though, not noticeable enough to be distracting from the piece itself. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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